When Is The Right Time To Promote An Employee?

Recognizing the growth and effort of employees is a key responsibility of a leader, and this is done best through a promotion. But, how do you know when an employee is ready to take on a bigger role?

There are three crucial aspects to look for:

1. Performance

If an employee is performing better than their peers, then they definitely deserve a promotion. They should definitely be given a larger role with more responsibility and a better paycheck.

If they do not possess leadership capabilities, a horizontal promotion can be offered which does not increase their responsibilities but increases the title and pay scale.

2. Experience

Even if an employee is performing average, their tenure in the organization deserves a promotion. Their knowledge and experience within the organization allow them to solve problems much quicker than anyone else, and this deserves a vertical promotion where new leadership roles are assigned to them.

3. Potential

While an employee may not be performing at their best yet, as a leader you might have spotted a potential in them. If so, a dry promotion is the best-case scenario. This means slowly providing them with more responsibilities and if they meet them there can be establishment of vertical or horizontal promotion.

Other markers that you need to look out for while promoting an employee include the ability to manage themselves, go beyond the job description, innovative mindset, etc.

Promotions are not only a step up for a single employee, rather they also serve as an example to the entire workforce as a motivator. So, promoting employees to the right team will boost your team’s morale. Let us know in the comments what you think is the right time to promote an employee.

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