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What Not To Do On An Office Computer

The office computer can become a bone of contention between employer and employee.

After all, most offices provide their employees with standard computers for carrying out their work. Yet often, the temptation to use the office system for personal tasks can become overwhelming.

In many cases it’s seen that employees tend to use their office computers for many activities other than office work. But how do you know you are straying from your responsibilities? Here’s a list of what not to do on your office computer:

  • Play games
  • Surf social media
  • Download and watch movies
  • Listen to audio content
  • Surf adult sites
  • Chat with personal contacts


These are only some examples of what you shouldn’t do on your office computer. In case your employer catches you in the act, they can choose to take any form of disciplinary action.

That’s why both employers and employees need to take care regarding what is being done on the office computer. Employers can take measures such as installing monitoring software. But perhaps the best method is to hire employees who you can trust.

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