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Co-Working Spaces Vs Traditional Office Spaces : Who Wins?

Co-working space concept is the new professional office trend that seems to be catching on. Sure, it has its advantages, but will it be able to totally convert the way we view a traditional office environment? Or will it be another millennial fad to make their office spaces friendlier and less professional? These are some of the topics we will be discussing in this article.

Productivity is the key factor

Co-working space designs are crafted to provide workers with a higher level of productive capacity. It brings together the perfect balance of the work from home comforts and the professional aid that offices provide. Weighed against traditional office spaces these can seem to be a better option since the traditional spaces can easily tire someone down and reduce their productivity. 

Another factor that boosts organizational productivity rather than individual productivity is the access to a community network. Help can arrive from the strangest of places and through a shared professional space you also get to learn from others’ experiences.

What should you as an employee keep in mind?

If you bag a job through a recruitment agency and realize that the office is a co-working space your reactions may be varied. You may think that this is perhaps not how you envisioned it, or you can try to take it up as a challenge. We like to ask our readers to drop either of these viewpoints about co-working spaces. Rather, think of it as a conceptual variant of your professional idea. 

It will allow you to freely interact beyond the usual capacity of a traditional office environment and it will also help you learn skills that you would otherwise not. But at the same time, you need to make sure of the size of the company and the reasons for it opting a co-working space concept.

The down side

There are aspects in which the traditional office space will always reign supreme. And the primary one here is your own designated space. If you are a reserved person then you should always opt for a traditional office environment since people employed at co-working spaces usually tend to be overtly friendly. 

Another factor that one should keep in mind is that co-working space facilities can easily lead employees to waste their time and stay back late after office hours. If you possess such tendencies you should definitely steer clear of taking up a job at a co-working office.

Final verdict

Co-working office space is a great choice for any mid-sized company. It allows the employees to learn from a wide variety of resources. There are a range of co-working space facilities that elevate the quality of work. However, it lacks two primary aspects that are personal space and lack of decorum. These can seriously harm one’s professional capability if not taken care of in the right manner.

So, keep these aspects in mind and you will surely be able to make the right choice when the time is at hand.

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