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How to Handle a Tough Boss?

Building a successful corporate career would be high up on the wish list for most graduates. A successful career would open to doors to financial independence and social acceptance. There are several ingredients to building a successful career starting with getting a job of your choice and dealing with your tough boss. But once you have got your coveted first job, you start encountering things for which formal education does not train you in most cases.

Patience Pays

These are the softer aspects of the work environment and the most important aspect would be to deal with your tough boss. There is a clash of cultures when you are working with your boss and in this clash the results may not be always desirable. In some cases, there is a gradual increase in frustration which may become intolerable as time progresses. In such cases, it is important to keep your cool and handle the situation with patience and poise.

Changing Your Approach Might Help

First and foremost, it might help to accept that it is easier to change your reaction to your boss than to try and change his / her behavior. Once you have crossed this step, your journey can end in 3 ways, you –

  • End up working around your boss,
  • Take your time and get another job or
  • Just sign up for the suffering for as long as you can endure

Each of these may be suitable in a particular situation. Sometimes you may need to shift from one mode to another based on concurrent events. But keeping your poise in all situations is the most important pre-requisite given that you may end up meeting your tough boss at a future point of time and may even need his / her recommendation at that point of time.

Get Going With Your Tough Boss!

Irrespective of the situation we can try to make good of the situation with 2-3 simple steps. They can be done in any order and can be iterated towards your career goals.

  • Get to know your boss better
    This is the most effective tool which can help you work around your boss. If your boss feels that you know as well as care about him / her, that by itself would be more than half the problem solved. Nothing works like a good relationship and this definitely applies to your boss
  • Be genuine in having common goals
    For you to succeed, your boss has to succeed as well. Try and align your goals with those of your boss in a way where you are talking the same language at office and otherwise. This adds to the overall relationship angle as well
  • Speak up
    Nothing works like having a heart to heart conversation once in a while. This releases tension and also helps your boss to know what you want.

Decide When To Move On

Take your time to explore these actions and put in sufficient time to make things work. But it is also important to set a timeline to get these sorted. If you have been trying for a year with no improvement in your relationship with your boss, it is probably time to move on. Keep track of time to have a 3-4 month window to take this decision along with options in your hand.

Keep peace and handle the transition with your tough boss in the most delicate manner. The world is small and what goes around comes around.

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