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Top Tips For Negotiating A Promotion

 As an employee, you obviously want your career to grow

However, without the right promotions at the right time, your career graph can stagnate. And most of the time, employees are too reluctant to ask their managers for that all important promotion.

To ensure that you don’t fall into the selfsame pit, here are a few tips to negotiating a promotion:

  • Always research the new role and responsibilities you’re interested in
  • Be aware of the current status of your company and its internal environment
  • Don’t be afraid to build your case from the ground up
  • Keep the company’s benefits in mind
  • Treat this as another professional meeting with your manager
  • Never lose your cool or confidence
  • Don’t undervalue yourself
  • Present the data to back your case
  • Be willing to walk away without the prize


And finally, if at first you don’t succeed, never shirk from trying again. Your manager might not be in a position to help you right now. But in case a new position is vacant, they’ll be sure to keep you in mind.

Hope these tips are useful, do share your thoughts in the comments below.





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