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Overcoming Smartphone Addiction

Wearable technology and smartphones are one of the most popular trends of the current generation. Smartphones have seen massive improvements and developments over the year and they are now on par with high-end laptops and systems in terms of computing power and capabilities. They have managed to make our lives much easier by providing access to limitless capabilities and information right at our fingertips. But is smartphone addiction really a boon to the society?

Smartphone Addiction

Rapid advancements in tech have made smartphones today easily accessible and affordable for people everywhere. However, one of the most challenging situations with smartphones is overcoming addiction. Reports and studies show that an average person spends close to 4 hours on his smartphone. Additionally, this number is significantly on the rise each year. This has led to many undesirable outcomes and problems including:

  • Reduced Social Interaction
    Though smartphones have managed to erase physical boundaries and limitations, they have also contributed to a huge decrease in physical social interaction. People prefer to spend more time on their phones rather than actually interacting in person with their loved ones.
  • Reduced Productivity in the workplace
    Smartphones are one of the major causes of unproductivity at the workplace. They are a cause of major distraction and wastage of time that can lead to disastrous results in the long run.
  • Health Issues
    Constant smartphone use without break is also a cause of many health risks and issues including carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, headaches, poor posture, and much more.
  • Accidents
    Reports and surveys show that phones are one of the leading causes of road accidents all around the globe due to distracted driving.

Overcoming the Addiction

By overcoming smartphone addiction, not only do you free up a lot of time for personal development and productivity, but you also pave the way to a healthier life. Here are some valuable tips that can help you reduce your phone usage time:

  • Usage monitoring apps
    There are many applications across all smartphone platforms that allow you to monitor your phone usage statistics. They will also give you daily/weekly/monthly reports. Additionally, you can use such apps to limit your time on categories such as games, entertainment, social media, among others.
  • Get rid of unwanted applications to increase productivity
    More often than not, people end up spending hours on social media apps or games. Getting rid of such apps can be a huge deterrent to wasting time on your phone.
  • Set up phone vacation times
    Set times in your daily routine where you take a ‘smartphone vacation’. This means that you don’t use your phone under any circumstance at these time slots. This can be during your work schedule or even at home.
  • Avoid taking your phone to bed
    Most people have a habit of browsing on their phones into late nights. This is a cause of insomnia and bad sleep habits for most people. Avoid taking your smartphones into bed.

At the end of the day, anything in excess can turn out to be harmful to your health and daily life. Controlling smartphone use can help you increase productivity and make the most of your life.

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