The recruitment industry is highly dynamic. HR managers should stay updated regarding the keywords that are buzzing among candidates regarding getting hired.

Here are some of the latest ones that you should keep in mind while discussing your hiring process or writing Job descriptions.

Data-Driven Recruitment

This is one of the most used keywords in the current hiring scenario. It usually means using a recruitment software to analyze data collected from the resumes. Certain organizations are also making use if AI based analytical software to filter through applications.

Data-driven recruitment helps select better tech employees and also helps build goal oriented teams.

Quiet Quitting

A very GenZ term, quiet quitting refers to the process of doing only the bare minimum required. This is when an employee wants to quit, but hasn’t yet found the next job. So they have not put down their papers, but refuses to add to the workforce.

Diversity Recruitment

Organizations are now ensuring that their teams are more diverse in nature. So, often a diversity recruitment process ensures that people from different backgrounds are hired.

If a HR explicitly mentions that a diversity recruitment process, then it is clear from step 1 that a preference towards marginalized communities will be given while selecting candidates.

Quiet Hiring

When a company chooses not to hire and instead selects current employees with new skills for additional roles, it is known as quiet hiring. This is a common practice among managerial level hiring or when an immediate recruitment is required in the organization.

There are many more such buzzwords that help create the dynamic nature of the recruitment landscape. Do you use them in your conversations? And what would you add to this list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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