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Quick Ways To De-escalate Office Tension

Ever caught yourself in a situation where you feel like everything around you is going at rocket speed and you are on a tortoise’s back. Especially in offices where deadlines are like life problems-they keep coming.

Read these tried and tested ways to make your office life productive and easy.

1. Acknowledge-Adapt-Change

Being caught up in a tough conversation can lead to some neurological response to fear: Flight, fight, or freeze response.

De-escalate: Just acknowledge the panic to shoo the anxiety attack away-” My reptilian brain is taking over.” This can make an unbelievable difference as knowing the presence of a problem is the first step towards its solution.

2. Make Assumptions; Good Assumption

In conflict, we become narrow-minded, in fact so much that the other person doesn’t appear logically sound anymore i.e. an idiot.

De-escalate: Make assumptions-they’re good and adding value to your life. Doing this will ensure that you think about the conflict in a deep state which is helpful in avoiding distasteful tone and off-personality.

3. Pivotal Physique

You speak too, with body expressions. You can’t appear full of energy and spark with your backbone crunched and defaulted cross arms, and sleepy eyes with wet palms that show you aren’t confident.

De-escalate: Take deeper breaths and pauses while talking to someone.

Sit straight and have frequent body movements.

4. Ask Open-Ended Questions

The main goal of meditation is to get to the root cause of a problem i.e. going forward without any agenda and learning for the sake of learning not because it looks good on a resume. But this becomes hard when you have your own goals in mind.

De-escalate: Use questions that prove you’re open-minded: “Can you tell me, why?”

“What would be the most effective way to do this activity?” Let some opinions in and disregard the useless stuff. The goal of meditation is to understand not to satisfy the two parties.


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