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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating A Professional Resume

If you are looking for a job, for the first time or a change, you need a professional resume that works in your favor. Gone are the days of copy pasting resume structure, changing the details and submitting to the HR. Today, resumes need to reflect who you are as an individual and what difference can you make at your job.

Even when you are well-qualified, you may miss out on job opportunities just because your resume either failed to convey the point or to make an impact. Following are a few points that you need to keep in mind while you create a professional resume. These points were the result of a survey conducted on recruiters, hiring managers and HR people about what they hate to see on a resume.

Read on and make notes on how to create a professional resume –

1. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Spelling and grammar mistakes are commonly found on resumes and they make the recruiters cringe. So, make it a point to check your resume for mistakes, typos, etc. If you are not sure, make someone else edit it before you send it out with your job application. Try using a CV maker for lesser mistakes and a professional tone.

2. Unprofessional Email Address

If you have an email id similar to ‘pinklovely@14’ or ‘hippieonthego’, do not mention it on the resume. Use it for personal matters, for the job application; create a professional resume with your name and surname. Try to keep it as simple and as professional as possible. For ideas, checkout resume examples online.

3. Incorrect Contact Information

This mistake can become the biggest blunder of your life. A wrong contact information means a recruiter cannot get in touch with you even if you get selected. So, you will never know you actually got the job and will end up sulking forever about how the recruiters vanish after an interview.

4. Too Much Content

Recruiters are busy people; therefore, they hate it when they have to read multiple pages of procedures and methods. So, include results and numbers rather than saying what you did. Get directly to what you achieved and do that in minimum possible words.

5. Stuffed Keywords

You need keywords to appear in a recruiter’s search, but stuffing keywords is not the answer. Too many buzzwords and forced keywords will make you look like a fake person. So, while making your resume, list down the keywords that are crucial for you and then use them one by one in a natural way.

6. Complicated Resume Format

As already mentioned, recruiters do not have too much time at their hands. It will be good for you if you can create an easy to read and easy to follow resume with all the important points mentioned on the first page itself. Avoid, too many colors and a smart looking but complicated resume. Simple and easy are the keywords here. If you are not sure how to structure your information, take professional help from few Companies that can help you create a professional resume that stand out with their resume writing services.

7. Irrelevant Information

Resumes of today, are precise and to the point. They do not (in most cases) need information like marks from school time, age, marital status, etc. On the other hand, some industries may still need this kind of info, so, the best thing to do will be to check for latest resume format in your industry and create your resume accordingly.

Always remember, your resume is your chance to make an astounding first impression on the recruiter. Never take the task lightly and never make a resume in jiffy.

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