Our services

Our Services

At Flintex, we offer a wide range of services both for employers as well as job seekers. Through our years of experience, we have streamlined the process of recruitment to make it simple and efficient for all parties involved.

For Candidates

We have a comprehensive database of available job postings and vacancies from leading multinational companies across various specialisms. Browse and apply for positions that you think are the right fit for you. But that’s not all! We are committed to helping you find the right job that can shape your career. We offer additional services such as:

Resume review – Our experts will proof read and refine your resume to make it more efficient and appealing to employers.

Salary guideDon’t compromise for under-compensation with your job posting. We offer comprehensive salary guides from leading companies and positions.

Valuable insights and guidesWe offer personalized insights and guides that can help you get better results during your job search.

Access to confidential job postingsWe make you aware of confidential postings and vacancies that only we know about. We are committed to give you a better future.

For Clients

Looking for the right candidates for your company? Look no further! Our pre-screened labor pool consists of highly qualified individuals that are the right match for your organization. We offer extensive services for clients including:

Executive and Specialist Search – Looking for highly qualified individuals to fill vacancies in your organization? We help you find the right match through our pre-screened talent pool.

Contract and Temporary Staffing – No matter what your staffing requirements are, we are capable of providing optimal solutions for you. Whether you need temporary labor or permanent employees, you get the best options when you choose us.

Employment and Work Pass Applications – We take care of all permits, licenses, and passes required legally for employees.

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