Our Recruitment Cycle

Our Recruitment Cycle

1) Sourcing Best Suited and Competent Talent – We have an extensive talent pool sourced from multiple channels including:

2) Interview and Competency Testing – We conduct thorough interviews with our pre-screened and vetted candidates. Interviews include logical reasoning, aptitude tests, and other competency tests. Additionally, we help candidates improve by providing feedback on their performance/client expectations.

3) Job confirmation and Offer – By keeping in mind the interests of both the candidate and the client, we facilitate customized consultation and job terms.

4) Unceasing relationship – Our Recruitment Cycle and relationship doesn’t end once the candidate is placed. We maintain a professional relationship with both the clients and the candidate to facilitate unbiased feedback programs, improvement strategies, market updates, and much more.

5) Guaranteed Satisfaction – We are committed to creating a long-standing working relationship with our clients by aligning our services to their requirements.


Thereby our Recruitment Cycle is extremely process oriented with water tight policies.

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