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Signal Integrity Engineer – Electronics Manufacturing

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  • Salary: $3000 - $5000 + 13th month bonus + variable bonus
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Job Description

New Product Development Support:

  • Utilize 2D, 3D, and full-wave electromagnetic field solvers to model connector structures.
  • Utilize Iconsim, SPICE, ADS and other simulation tools to predict electrical performance of connectors, backplane links and cable assemblies.
  • Work closely with product development engineers to refine concepts into product designs that are optimized electrically and mechanically.
  • Design high-speed test boards for use in conducting electrical characterization tests.
  • Perform high-speed/high frequency testing of interconnects using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, including vector network analyzers, time-domain reflectometers, digital sampling scopes, and bit-error-rate test systems.
  • Produce technical reports that document predicted and/or measured performance of products.
  • Participate in project team meetings and ensure availability of all SI-related deliverables.


  •  Customer Support:

o   Produce customer S-parameter models of new products.

o   Perform SI measurements in response to a specific customer question or concern, within the timeframe promised to the customer.

o   Perform SI simulations in response to a specific customer question or concern, within the timeframe promised to the customer.

o   Develop customer simulation and test reports.


  • Marketing and Sales Support:

o   Produce S-parameter models of new products to support sales and marketing.

o   Develop simulation and test reports to support sales and marketing.

o   Develop technical presentations to support new product introductions.


  •  Capability and Competency Research and Development:

o   Keep abreast of new technology and customer requirements via literature, patents and trade shows.

o   Keep abreast of competitor’s technology via literature, patents and trade shows.

o   Participate in competitive analyses via SI measurement and/or simulation.


  • New Technology Research:
  • Investigate the limits of new high-speed connector technologies.



  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma or Bachelor of Degree in Electronics Engineering, Physics or its equivalent.
  • 3 years of related experience preferred.
  • Preferably with working knowledge/understanding of electromagnetics and have experience in designing, supporting high speed electrical interconnects
  • Proficient in software tools, finite elements simulation of electro-mechanical interconnects.
  • Proficient in mathematical derivation and modeling of electro-mechanical parameters.



13th month salary



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