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Marketing & PR Assistant Manager / Manager

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Flintex Consulting Pte Ltd

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Job Description

Position Summary :
This position is to collaborate with key stakeholders in crafting and executing captivating integrated marketing campaigns and initiatives across diverse channels, including digital, social, and events. Your expertise will contribute to the success of both in-house and client brands, achieving business objectives and surpassing key performance indicators

Responsibilities that Define Your Success:
• Collaborate with key stakeholders to strategize and implement effective communication initiatives and strategies, leveraging both digital and traditional platforms while rooted in data-driven insights.
• Master the realm of digital marketing, including end-to-end execution of digital campaigns, media planning, content creation, copywriting, campaign tracking, and comprehensive reviews.
• Be at the forefront of our social media presence, partnering with content leads to design, build, and maintain an engaging online community.
• Demonstrate prowess in analytics tools such as Amplify and Google Analytics, utilizing performance insights to optimize digital marketing efforts and maximize impact.
• Cultivate a compelling Public Relations campaign strategy, crafting engaging stories for our brands and campaigns, writing PR releases, and skilfully interacting with the media and organizing media events.
• Keep ahead of big data insights and social trends, offering thought leadership and innovative perspectives on adopting emerging media platforms and technologies.
• Efficiently manage relationships with agencies and vendors for marketing activities, ensuring timely and high-quality deliverables.
• Brief our design team on non-digital collateral development and oversee the production process to ensure seamless project delivery.
• Exhibit financial acumen by managing allocated budgets with clear trackable deliverables and performance measurements.
• Uphold the company’s corporate governance, workplace practices, and code of conduct, ensuring compliance with workplace safety and health regulations, especially for events and roadshows.
• Embrace additional duties reasonably assigned by management, showcasing your adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Job Requirements:
• Good knowledge in traditional marketing
• Proven track record in digital marketing, with a strong grasp of website analytics, digital ad serving tools, and familiarity with digital media consumption habits on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.
• Enthusiastic learner (including the area of Generative AI), self-motivated, and adept at thriving within tight deadlines and high-pressure environments.
• Outstanding team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, fostering collaboration and synergy.
• Possess a keen eye for detail, ensuring meticulousness in all endeavours.
• Demonstrate maturity, resourcefulness, and the ability to think strategically.
• Showcase exceptional written and verbal communication skills, adept at conveying impactful messages
• Good command of spoken and written English for handling English speaking people
• This role might need to interact with China customer

Tags: clients, digital, marketing, media, planning, PR, service

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