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Locum Pharmacist – Part Time

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Job Description


We are in search of a Part-Time Locum Pharmacist who will play a pivotal role in our pharmacy operations. The primary focus will be on the efficient clearance of batches, ensuring the release of products post-inbound inspection, and managing the outbound process after secondary labelling. The role also includes updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and providing operational training. Importantly, this position does not require the candidate to hold any licenses.

Key Responsibilities:

Oversee and expedite the batch clearance process.
Ensure accurate release of products following thorough inbound inspection.
Manage the outbound process after secondary labeling is complete.
Update SOPs to align with current practices and regulations.
Conduct operational training to ensure staff are well-versed in procedures.


Experience in pharmacy operations or a related field.
Strong organizational and communication skills.
Detail-oriented with a commitment to accuracy.

Tags: inspection, labeling, Operator, pharmacy, Process, products, updating

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