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Certification Engineer – Electrical and Electronics Products

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Required Skills:

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Job Description

Duties and responsibilities

1. To handle customer enquiry.
2. To prepare quotation to client.
3. To review the submitted documents for certification application.
4. To provide technical basis for granting, rejecting and cancelling of certification.
5. To maintain the directory of certification.
6. To make statistic and prepare the analysis report related to the certification.
7. To be aware the latest development of the product certification for Singapore.

Minimum requirements:

1. Diploma in Engineering / IT preferably in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
2. At least two years working experience of Electrical & Electronics testing, product certification or working in R&D/manufacturing environment.
3. Experience or trained in relevant standards is preferred.
4. Objective and analytical thinking.

Tags: cancelling, certification, Certification Officer, ranting, rejecting

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