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How To Rightfully Ask For Help At Work

You may occasionally come across a demanding task at work. Your boss may assign you a huge task with a tight deadline. Moreover, you may be unfamiliar with some aspects of the task. This can make you extremely anxious, especially when you are skeptical about meeting the deadline without compromising quality. Here’s how to rightfully ask for help;

Approach The Right Person

Not all your colleagues possess the ability to assist you in a particular task. Consider approaching only those who can help as this will save you more time and effort. You can prioritize those within your department since they are likely to be familiar with the task.

Subsequently, inquire about their schedules to ascertain whether they are free to assist.

Reveal Your Progress

It is important to communicate your progress while seeking help. This will demonstrate your seriousness to the person you intend to seek help from. A little progress on the task can guarantee you adequate assistance.

Your progress can also give your colleague a hint of what is required of the task, which can make it easier for them to assist you.

Help Others First

Assisting others can help you build a positive rapport, which can influence them to help you. A harmonious relationship often develops when people understand and trust each other’s feelings. Helping your colleagues first, even before the need for assistance arises can significantly improve your relationship.

This may prompt them to chip in to assist you whenever you face any difficulty.

Show Others What They Benefit In Return

You should always try to appeal to your colleagues’ interests when seeking their help. Your workmate will likely jump at the opportunity that has potential benefits. Consider presenting your request in a manner that suggests possible benefits for the person you intend to seek help from.

You can inform them that the task you are handling is likely to get them noticed by the boss, which could improve their reputation at work.

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