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How To Professionally Deal With A Difficult Boss

Dealing with a difficult boss is likely to make your work environment frustrating, demotivating, and exhausting. If your boss is lousy, controlling, intrusive, or petty, then your interaction with them will be cold. Working in such kind of environment will make you think of quitting and finding a new job.

However, your work environment does not have to be so burdensome. The following tips will make your working environment less strenuous if you are dealing with a stressful boss.

1.    Be Familiar With Your Boss’ Style Of Communication

If you understand how your boss prefers to communicate, then your relationship with them is likely to improve. For instance, if your boss prefers to communicate through email, then normalize sending them an email.

Do not give them a phone call or confront them in person about something you can easily send via email.

2.    Take Responsibility If Necessary

Take time to assess the reason why your relationship with the boss is stressful. If you are either partly or wholly responsible for the sour relationship, then identify what the problem is and change.

If you are the source of negativity in your relationship with the boss, then take responsibility and check on your behavior. If you don’t take responsibility, then the relationship between you and your superiors may only worsen.

3.    Understand Your Boss’ Motivations And Behaviours

Try to have an in-depth and detailed understanding of the behaviors and motivations of your superior. Find out if they act the way they do because they are dealing with a lot of pressure at work. If that’s the case, then do not hesitate to tell them how it is negatively influencing your work life.

If your superior simply has a negative attitude, then find out what really motivates them. Identifying their motivation may help you view things from their own perspective.

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