How To Influence Your Coworkers Positively

Coworkers play a significant role in determining the quality of any work environment. The performance of most employees depends on their relationship with their colleagues. The personality or image portrayed by a particular employee can influence the behavior of other employees.

The following are some of the ways to influence your coworkers positively;

1.    Acknowledge Your Coworkers’ Strengths

Every individual in the workplace possesses a unique skill and personality that can be beneficial to the company. You can identify such strengths during conversations and meetings that feature discussions about passion, expertise, and core competencies.

Commenting positively about the specific strengths of your coworkers can improve their confidence and inspire them to be more productive.

2.    Offer Help

Assisting your colleagues whenever they face difficulties can make them look up to you. Your coworkers are also likely to perceive you as a responsible and empathetic individual through your caring actions. This can influence them to adopt your personality when interacting with other coworkers, who may be in need of their assistance.

3.    Share Your Struggles

It is important to open up to your coworkers when looking to influence them positively. Sharing your past struggles with your colleagues helps you gain their trust, which encourages them to adopt your personality or way of doing things.

You can begin by sharing a personal story detailing your despairing moments and conclude by narrating your eventual turning point to success. This will inspire your colleagues who feel discouraged and help them regain their focus at work.

4.    Maintain A Happy Mood In The Workplace

Emotional states are infectious. The emotions you express at the workplace can influence the general mood of your work environment. Maintaining a happy mood will likely influence your colleagues to become happy, including those going through a difficult situation.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to be happy every time at your place of work. You should share your problems with your coworkers whenever you feel sad instead of reacting emotionally to situations.

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