How To Ensure Inclusivity At Your Workplace

Every workspace needs to be inclusive. And while workspaces need to ensure inclusivity through company policies, it is also upon the employees to play their role in the process. Ensuring inclusivity needs to be applied at all levels, only then it can be championed.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few healthy workplace practices that promote inclusivity.

Making Space For Perspectives

Everyone comes from a different background and struggles, so it is important to understand where their perspectives are arising from. It is common to think that someone’s perspective may be wrong. But at times, we need to rephrase the way we communicate our response to someone while keeping in mind their background.

Acknowledging Identities

The world is diverse, and the diversity in any workspace needs to be appreciated. This allows people from a wide range of identities to feel seen and heard. If your team member belongs to a different religion, ethnicity, or gender; it’s important to acknowledge their identity through actions.

Maybe take part in their celebrations or find out about their special day, and act accordingly. Or if you are unsure about what to do, simply strike up a conversation and find out more about them.

Learning Process

While you may feel like diversity and inclusivity are tough concepts for you to grasp, understand that it is a learning process. By keeping an open mind you will be able to accept those around you despite their differences and celebrate their perspectives.

In this process, you will learn more about the people around you, and by truly including them in your team, your overall productivity will also increase.

These are some of the ways to make your professional space more diverse and inclusive. How are you promoting diversity at your workplace? Let us know in the comments!


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