How To Deal With A Micromanager

How To Deal With A Micromanager

 There’s no experience worse than working with a micro-manager.

Just think about it: nobody likes being told how they should work over the shoulder. Yet micromanagers do exactly that, trying to be the backseat driver to every workplace decision you take.

This not only makes the workplace stressful but also works to develop bitter feelings between co-workers. However, all hope’s not lost, for you can deal with micromanagers easily by following some of the tips given below:

  • Work on yourself first, and make sure your performance is spot on
  • Be more proactive, and consider reporting to the manager more frequently
  • Be patient, and if required, have a candid talk with the boss regarding the issue
  • Don’t wait for their green signal for a task; go ahead and finish it before they ask you, after all, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission
  • Introduce trust in your relationship with the boss


All the above tips will help you get more work done, which should go down well with the micro-manager. Who knows, it might even make them rethink their behavior and turn over a new leaf.

So, do you have any experience with a micromanaging boss? Or are you one yourself? Do comment and let us know!

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