How To Conduct Yourself In A Disciplinary Hearing Meeting

The way in which you conduct yourself in a disciplinary hearing meeting can significantly influence the outcome of the hearing. This is because your conduct at the meeting gives your employer an impression of who you are.

Here’s how to conduct yourself in a disciplinary hearing meeting;

Don’t Interrupt The Speaker

It is normal to feel the urge to interrupt the speaker when you feel they are missing out on an important point or giving a wrong statement. However, such an act can portray you as an individual who does not value other people’s thinking and contributions.

Regardless of how negative the speaker may sound and talk against you, always stay calm and composed while another person is talking. Resist the urge to interrupt others, keeping in mind that you will eventually have your turn to speak.

Respectfully Challenge What You Disagree With

It is important to control your emotions when things seem not to work your way. Always challenge the accusations you disagree with not the person making the accusation. The hearing may be based on the accusations made by your colleagues absent in the meeting, hence it would be irresponsible to challenge the wrong person.

Also, suppose you know the colleague responsible for the accusation, consider responding to them respectfully while consistently focusing on the issue.

Keep Your Mobile Phone On Silent Or Vibration Mode

Ringing mobile phones usually cause distraction and are likely to lower the pace of a meeting. You should always check your phone to ensure that it is either on silent or vibration mode before entering the meeting hall, office, or room.

Having your phone ring in the middle of a meeting may make you look unprofessional or disrespectful of the disciplinary hearing.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with the speaker during workplace meetings and conversations usually signifies respect. It also shows that you are paying attention to what the speaker is talking about.

Doing this during a disciplinary hearing can influence your boss to have a good perception regarding your general conduct.

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