Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Flintex Consulting is well aware of the changing business trends and deliver technologies that helps to overcome the prevailing enterprise challenges. We develop a solid foundation to empower your business remain agile and responsive amidst of rapidly evolving changes. While consulting with the customer, our dedicated team design, build, operate, manage and support the most effective services and solutions that optimize the customers’ applications to become adaptable for the upcoming business needs.

We empower you to address the following enterprise challenges and build robust IT infrastructure that ensure long-term business success.


  • Aligning IT and strategic business goals perfectly despite lower TCO
  • Recurrent variations in competitive market dynamics as well as consumer needs
  • Redundancies in application portfolios results from business functions and technologies
  • Business complexities evolves from IT risk management
  • Integrating multiple IT systems that handle diverse functions of various departments and at different stages in product lifecycle

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