Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Flintex Consulting is always committed to the three bottom lines “social, economic and environmental” development with the growth of organization. We at Flintex Consulting emphasize corporate social responsibility in all our policy decisions as well as our work culture. We commit 100% to ethical practices and ethical management from top to the bottom level of our management and organization.

Flintex Consulting endeavors to set the benchmark of corporate social responsibility in our industry. We always prioritize giving back to the society and environment in which we thrive. We have been successful in doing so through our accountability to the stakeholders and transparency in all our decisions.

“Unity in Diversity”

We at flintex, proudly promulgate our ethical work culture which promises equal opportunities, equitable remuneration and rewards for all employees. This is irrespective of their gender or any other social or economic factors. We not only believe and promote diversity in our employment decisions but also advocate it for other industries.

“Zero tolerance” policy towards the Unethical practices.

We strive to conflate our economic policies with the Corporate Social Responsibility policies, which has been very axiomatic in our corporate culture and our employment policies. We value the work of our individuals and have “Zero tolerance” policy towards any discrimination by any individual at any level of organization.

An individual has the freedom to report any discrimination or harassment to the management, which then will be taken very seriously. We strictly forbid any prejudice or misdemeanor by any individual. At Flintex, we also prioritize such incidents over any of our work which can be an example to others.

We have never compromised in our commitments and we promise to continue doing so by being transparent and accountable to all our clients and individuals and always working in the best of their interests.

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