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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a modern and forward thinking specialist recruitment agency, Flintex Consulting is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Integrity, professionalism and excellence drive corporate purpose at Flintex Consulting and are reflected in all they do – the company spirit is ultimately expressed in joining worthy social causes. Being transparent in the recruitment process, and in ensuring the wellbeing of clients, candidates, and employees alike.

Equality opportunities and diversity policy

Flintex Consulting is committed to valuing diversity and seeks to provide all staff with the opportunity for employment, career and personal development on the basis of ability, qualifications and suitability for the work as well as their potential to be developed into the job.

We believe that people from different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas, thinking and approaches which make the way work is undertaken more effective and efficient.

The Company will not tolerate direct or indirect discrimination against any person for any reason whatsoever but particularly on grounds of age, disability, gender / gender reassignment, marriage / civil partnership, pregnancy / maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation in the field of recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, career progression, training, transfer or dismissal.

It is also the responsibility of all staff in their daily actions, decisions and behavior to endeavor to promote these concepts, to comply with all relevant legislation and to ensure that they do not discriminate against colleagues, clients, suppliers or any other person associated with the Company.

We regularly engage with our customers, both candidates and clients, by carrying out surveys, offering Service Level Agreements, and committing to recruiting and selective a diverse range of job-seekers. We will always be honest with clients and candidates, no matter the outcome.

If you have encountered discrimination while looking for a job or at the workplace? Please report here