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Tips To Stay Away From A Gossiping Co-worker And Negativity

There is perhaps no office space which does not house a gossiping co-worker. At the same time not all gossip is harmful. But if this fire is fed it soon turns these people into toxic co-workers and then strong measures to be taken.

There are multiple ways a constant gossiping environment can go wrong. It can be harassing towards other employees, it can be a constant source of distraction, and most importantly it can ruin the professional quality of a workplace.

So, here are a few things one can do to handle gossip in the workplace.

Know if it’s harmful

As we stated before, not all gossip is harmful. But a compulsive gossiper is always harmful and also hold strong potential to be annoying co-workers. If the gossip is about the company stocks or other professional news, then it will most likely not be harmful. But as soon as it reaches personal instances then it’s important to shut them off, and if needed take further action.

If you are not sure about whether the gossip is harmful or not, chances are that it is. And most gossiping workers show compulsive behavior which is hard to not notice.

You can try to change the topic

If you think there’s baseless gossip that’s cutting down on professional quality you can also try to divert the conversation. Most people are disliking of gossiping co-workers and if you take the step towards not allowing them the space most people will follow you. Taking a lead role often helps create a better office space as well.

If you notice your friend getting into the baseless gossip culture, then you can help them steer away from it. A good conversation always helps people be their better selves. So, if you deem the gossip to be non-harmful this is something you can do.

Report your gossiping co-worker if it gets out of hand

But if you do think that the situation being created by a gossiping co-worker, it needs to be reported to higher management. Wait for be right time, if you think that you need to also talk to someone else in your team do that as well. But understand that when the time comes you might be the one who needs to report such an incident to the human resource.

There also comes a question of power sometimes which can stop people from reporting harassing gossip. In that case you can always report such an incident anonymously.

It is all of our duty to keep out work spaces safe and professional. And dealing with gossip becomes an integral part of this process. So, be the better judge and deal with the situation as you deem necessary. Allowing workers to become negative sources of gossip is never to be encouraged and harmful gossip needs to be reported. Keep this in mind and you will perfectly be able to deal with gossiping co-workers.

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