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Why Working With A Startup Company Is One Of The Best Career Choices For The Millennial Generation

One may shudder at the thought of working in a company that houses itself in a single room office and has maybe a handful of employees. However, there are quite a few advantages of working in a startup company. Yes, a startup company will not be able to provide you a salary package like that of an MNC or its privileges. But, why do so many young professionals still value work in start-ups over large pay scales? We are here to tell you why!

Startup Company Gives Complete value for your work

A start-up business realizes that each of its employees is absolutely and equivocally valuable to the company. This is rarely the case in big IT houses where employee retention rates are at an all time low. The primary reason for this being the fact that MNC employees more than often feel undervalued for their work. They consider them to be only a link in the chain and highly replaceable.

However, at a startup your work is given the value it deserves. They tie your position to the entire business process and you become an integral part of it. This added value to one’s professional position makes working in a startup company much more desirable.

Growth and opportunity

It is common knowledge that in a startup company your employers ask you to do more than what your role asks for. If you are good with data you will help out with data analysis, if you have designing knowledge you will perform tasks of the same category, and if you are a good talker you will attend client meetings, etc. And these roles will be additional to the role you have been selected to perform.

This provides a unique kind of opportunity and lets you grow into a wholesome professional. Your industry knowledge increases multi fold and allows you to handle professional situations with much better capability later on in your career.

Professional freedom

The shoes vs slippers question is eternal. Would you work at a place where they ask you to ‘dress professionally’ but it’s okay if you are slogging your day off; or are you okay with working with absolute intensity while no one minds how you present yourself. For many, the latter is a godsend opportunity.

A startup business realizes that professionalism on paper is not as important as professionalism in the actual work space. And this is quite true since the picture that is usually painted of a corporate professional need not hold value at all times. Sure, the occasional suit to the client meeting is important, but if you have your own space within your work it allows you to perform better.

So, have you been thinking of working with a startup but holding back thinking an MNC will be a better deal? It clearly might not be so! The choice will of course remain yours but keep these three advantages in mind while you make the choice.

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