Online Interview



With every aspect of our lives getting progressively digitalised, interviews are no exception. Online interviews are now the new norm.

A few tips certainly won’t hurt, right.

Select the best device – If you have an assortment of devices, choose the best one out of those. Using a laptop or a pc would be the best choice. Invest in a webcam if needed.

Eliminate distractions and choose a proper place to situate yourself. Check for proper lighting, you don’t want it casting shadows or causing a harsh glare.

Have a run through – Position your device beforehand, go through the whole sequence inside your head. Decide where you’ll be seated and where you plan on placing your device. Check both the auditory and visual input.

Comfort over appearance – Be professional but wear something you’re comfortable in. Master your nonverbal. Fidgeting in your seat never hits well with the interviewer.

Smile – Don’t appear frazzled. A little bit of planning in advance can help alleviate your apprehension to a large extent.

Last of all, a thank you letter is a must.

Best of luck and a happy new year!

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