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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

With the number of jobs going down and the number of applicants going up, one of the key aspects that can set you apart from the rest is a pro level resume. But writing one is easier said than done. There are a plethora of industries and a number of nuances that one needs to keep in mind while you make your resume.

Here are 4 primary points you need to keep in mind while prepping a resume for an aspiring job position.

Study the job position

Regardless of the industry you belong to, before you start on your resume study the description of the job position multiple times. When a company puts out a job advert, they place keywords within it that they consider important. If you are able to pick up these keywords and apply them within your resume template your chances of bagging the job will be much higher. Chances are that your resume will be digitally screened before being sent to an actual committee and in such a case these keywords will help you beat the computer with ease.

Categorize your achievements

You may have multiple achievements, but it is important to not throw them at your prospective employer one after another. The usual case is that our achievements span across our various skill sets. So, make sure that you classify these achievements under each skill so that your employer can easily get to know your achievements regarding the skills they require. This will ensure that you don’t lose out on a job because the employer did not bother to read through till the end of your resume to know your achievements.

Don’t over-design

This is a must! Keep your resume clean, formal, and highly professional. Don’t put in extra boxes or use multiple colors. Stick to a regular font and a simple format and this will serve your purposes perfectly. Make sure to highlight your biggest achievements and skills but at the same time keep things subtle. Even if you are a graphic designer your choice of minimalism will help you stand out from the crowd.

Study model resumes

The online resume samples may be run of the mill, but they will help you get an understanding of what exactly you require. Since resume examples are available for almost all industries and job positions, these will help you perfect your resume and add professional concepts. At the same time, it is absolutely important that you don’t simply use a model as is. Study multiple ones and pick the best concepts from them to create yours.

Creating the perfect resume is highly dependent on the industry you belong to and the job position you are applying to. But these aforementioned points will serve as thumb rules regardless of your particular needs. Now go ahead and make a razor-sharp resume that helps you get that dream position you have looking at!

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