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How To Make A Good LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn has become the hottest place for both the job seekers and recruiters. It is one platform that lets you connect to your colleagues and also get in touch with people you admire from your industry. There can’t be a better place than LinkedIn if you are looking for job but then, are you LinkedIn ready? Read on to know how to develop a good LinkedIn profile.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job?

Do you have a good LinkedIn profile, and do you really know how to use LinkedIn to find a job? Let’s learn. Read on to know how to get jobs through LinkedIn followed by tips for creating an awesome profile.

1.Create a Complete LinkedIn Profile

The first and foremost thing you will need on LinkedIn is a profile. Create a profile using your email ID and fill in all the sections. Make sure that you complete each and every section including uploading a latest photograph. A decent looking profile is really your first step towards your next job.

2.Build Your Network

The next step will be to connect with the right kind of people. LinkedIn works on Networking and the better your network the better your chances of finding your dream job. Start by looking for your ex colleagues and employers. Do not forget to check out the people suggested by LinkedIn itself.

3.Ask for Recommendations

LinkedIn offers you a great chance to get recommendations from people you have worked with. These recommendations show on your LinkedIn profile and instantly increase your chance of getting noticed by your next recruiter. A good recommendation will clearly highlight your strengths and can define your value as an employee. So, reach out to ex-colleagues and employers and ask them to write a recommendation for you.

4.Tell Your Network

When you start looking for a job, let your network know about that. Post a message mentioning the position you are looking for, venue and some important keywords related to your industry. Your message will quickly spread in your network and will be seen by various recruiters and company bosses.

5. Keep Looking

LinkedIn lets you actively search for LinkedIn jobs on the platform. Head to company pages of the brands you are interested in and see if they are hiring. There is also a ‘Job’s tab, where you can search jobs by using various filters like city and position. Remember to follow companies and recruiters of your choice.

How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile?

A complete profile is a good profile on LinkedIn. Make time to fill each and every detail in a professional manner. Read on to know how to go about it.

1.Always add a Latest Photo

Adding a latest head shot is great idea to make good first impression. Let the recruiter know how you look. Never ever go blank.

2.Write a Catchy Headline

Your headline is what appears with your name in search results. So, make sure to write a catchy line that will instantly impress the recruiters.

3.Fill your Summary with Keywords

Write your summary using the keywords related to you and your job and always mention what you can do and what you can bring to the job.

4.Cut Down the Content

Keep your experience summary short and crisp. Write one or two lines to highlight your skills for every job.

5.Create a Custom URL

Use the LinkedIn tool to edit your public URL. Make it neat and if possible, just your name and surname.

6.Stay Active

LinkedIn is a social media site, so, it is very important to stay active. Log in from time to time and reply to messages and Inmails from recruiters and friends. Join groups on the platform to stay more active.

Get on LinkedIn and start today. You can also download the app and enjoy the benefits of one of the top job search apps in the world on your phone.

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