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Interview Questions That Make You Stand Out

Your employer wants to know you and hence they call you for an interview. At this point it is obvious that they have taken a liking to your skills and professional capability. However, you are not the only one! To ensure that you truly stand out from the rest of the crowd you need to go the extra mile. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that the interview questions are not simply one sided. But this does not mean you throw random fact based questions at them. Rather, the questions you pose should hold deep insight and reflect your understanding of the position. And most importantly, wait till the end of the interview before you ask anything.

Here we list 4 important interview questions that every applicant should ask their prospective employer –

1. What is the business persona that this company aims for?

This question shows that you are interested in the company and not simply in working for them. If you want to know about the business persona of a company it means that you want to align your professional being to it and that you respect the existence of the company. This is a must ask question at the end of any interview questions and answers session.

2. Please let me know about the opportunities and challenges of this industry

Asking a question about the particular industry can mean two things. Either that you are a newcomer to the industry or that you have a mindset for growth. So make sure your tone and approach towards this question is not simply that of inquisitiveness but rather of deep insight. Try to turn it into a small discussion and weigh in more on the challenges than on the opportunities. If it’s an IT company that you are applying at then the opportunities should be quite clear to you from the start.

3. Do you think my skill set will allow me to take on additional responsibility?

Allowing your potential to be fully explored by your employer is a great way to show your interest towards the job you have applied to. Not only does this mean that you are eager to take on additional responsibility but also that you are confident about professionally using your skills. Once again try to turn this into a small conversation regarding skill growth.

4. What are the qualities you would like me to improve on?

Every company has certain qualities that they would like to see in their employees. Even if your skills are not up to their mark of professionalism, showing interest towards acute growth can more than often allow you to take the upper hand. This is not something that you have a conversation about, rather listen carefully and self reflect.

Interview tips are plenty available on the internet but turning job interview questions into a two-sided conversation is something that people usually overlook. Don’t let that be the case for you.

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