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How To Choose Your Interview Outfit In Order To Be Presentable

First impressions matter. As you enter the interview room, there are two things the people on the other side of the table notice. How you carry yourself, and your interview outfit. That should tell you how important it is to dress right for a job interview.

General Rules For Selecting Your Interview Outfit

Formal. That is the first and last word in deciding what to wear to a job interview. For men, formal mostly means a suit complete with a tie. For women, it could mean a skirt suit, tailored trousers with a shirt and a blazer, or even a formal dress.

And shoes – always. It is best not to wear open toe sandals to an interview. Women especially need to keep this in mind. Heels not too high – also another important pointer for women.

Within those general rules, you have to pay attention to details. Wearing the right interview outfit is one smart way to ensure that you make an impression even as you enter the interview room.

Do Your Homework

Spend time researching the company’s website. Look for the page on the photo gallery that features employees. That will give you an idea of the general dress code followed there.

Checking out vacancy list on is an excellent idea.

You could even consider calling up the human resource manager to find out more. But be careful: check whether your interview call letter debars reaching out to anyone in the company before your interview.

Dress to Suit Your Role

What to wear to an interview also depends on the role you have applied for. If it is a strictly formal position, like that of an executive trainee or a manager, choose a meticulously official interview outfit. That applies for both women and men.

If the job profile is a more creative one, you could consider a comfortable but formal pair of slacks or chinos. Combine a nice shirt and a matching blazer. For both women and men, such a combination is formal without being strictly so. Matches better with a creative job role.

Must Do’s Because Interview Outfit Matters

Your aim is to impress your interviewers that you have immaculate grooming and a perfect dress sense. There are some basics that you cannot forget:

  • Make sure you wear tailored clothes for your interview so that the fit is perfect
  • If you think you need a haircut, get that done.
  • Ensure that your nails are clean and properly manicured.
  • If you have a tattoo or more, wear something that will keep your tattoo/s covered.
  • Watch that what you wear for your job interview matches the weather.
  • Wear something you feel completely comfortable in.

And Now the Don’ts

Just as there are some must-do, there are some must-avoids as well. Here’s a list to help you:

  • Nothing too flashy or colorful.
  • Women keep makeup to a minimum unless you are interviewing for a beauty writer or a makeup artist.
  • Don’t go overboard with after shave or perfume. Understatement is the rule.

With these practical tips, you should be able to dress just right for your interview. Good luck!

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