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How to create the perfect cover letter?

Cover letter writing may not be given importance to by many, however, armed with a perfect cover letter you make a huge difference. Since there are so many cover letter templates available, you can also bring out your persona through it. But writing a professional cover letter is easier said than done. So, here are some pro tips that you can use to develop an effective cover letter for your industry.

Don’t let your cover letter be a summary of your resume

This is a mistake candidates often make. They prepare a detailed resume and use the cover letter format to summarize it. But if you want to make sure that you have the perfect cover letter, then ensure that your content is beyond the resume. Speak about personal experiences, in-depth interests, and professional vision. These are concepts that convey your unique persona but are not usually included in a resume.

Don’t choose an online template

Yes, cover letter templates exist for a reason; they are perfectly handy while learning to create cover letters. But once you set foot in the professional arena any manager will be able to tell if your cover letter is straight out of a website. So, what you can do choose up to three or four cover letter formats that you like and bring the best parts together to create your custom template. This helps reduce the burden of choice as well.

Have a personal tone

While your resume is meant to be a standard for all your job applications, your cover letter needs to be unique in each case. Try finding out about the person who is going to be reviewing your resume. You can try to have a direct conversation with the said manager in your cover letter. Otherwise, a general personal tone also works fine when creating a cover letter.

Formatting is important

Everything in today’s world needs to be at its sharpest, and so if you want to create a perfect cover letter then you will have to get your formatting game up. Take it down to minute specifications such as paragraph length, sentence length, overall size and structure, etc. In the end the format should be readable and professional. Also make sure to never experiment with the font since this can throw people off at times.

Hire an editor

If you really want to create a cover letter that will not fail a single test, go ahead and hire a professional editor. But make sure to stay in close connection with your editor during the process so that your individuality is not lost and you will have an effective cover letter.

With a cover letter you will not only strengthen your resume but also create a personal connection with your employer from point zero. This is a huge advantage regardless when you are trying to get a job through hiring agencies. Use these tips to develop a sharp and professional letter, and remember to check through multiple cover letter formats before you create it.

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