Get Ahead Of 50% Job Applicants With Your Perfect Thank You Note!

Saying thank you always makes the person feel appreciated and valued, and immediately garners favorable attention. Professing gratitude to your interviewer for their time and effort gives you an edge over your competitors. Do it right and you have a greater chance of being hired.

Studies show that 80% of HR personnel claim that the thank you emails help them reaching their final decision.

With odds stacked in your favor, brushing up your email writing skills won’t hurt.

Start with a brief, succinct, and clear subject line: Don’t beat around the bush and get straight to the point.

Personalize your greeting: Address the interviewer by name and write personalized emails to each and every interviewer if there was more than one present.

Show your gratitude: Appreciate them for taking the time and effort to explain about the company, the team you’d be working with, etc. Their time is valuable and thanking them for the time they invested in your shows that you respect them, and the work they do.

Mention a specific topic you discussed: Write about something you discussed during the interview and how you can add value to the field or related areas.

Close the email neatly: Endings are always tricky. Close the email by mentioning that you are available to provide additional information if need be and that you are waiting to hear from them as discussed during the interview.

Sign-off professionally: Sign-off with a ‘yours sincerely’ or synonymous line, followed by your full name. Add in the basic details such as your phone and email.

If you are going to attend a lot of interviews soon, create a template that will best suit your needs, and make sure to keep the mentioned tips in mind! Good luck!





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