Finding Jobs On Linkedin Made Easy

Finding Jobs On Linkedin Made Easy

Are you allowing your LinkedIn profile to reflect who you are? Let your profile impress the employers, just follow these simple tips to boost hunting prowess.

People remember faces better than they remember names.

A sure shot way to embed yourself in a potential employer’s memory is to keep your profile picture updated. Upload a picture of yourself in a professional setting; dress to impress. A photo of you with a slice of pizza won’t be received well unless you’re a food journalist.

Stories impact more than boiled down facts.

Employers are humans too, and humans are wired to pay attention to stories. Personalize your ‘About’ page with a short, succinct story. Describe where you’ve been and where you want to be. This is a proven way to garner interest in your profile. But remember, authenticity is paramount.

A portfolio, not a resume.

Avoid copy-pasting your resume onto your LinkedIn profile. Your profile should be a living, breathing testament to your work, goals, and achievements. Regularly update LinkedIn with a picture of an award or a piece of writing which speaks your thoughts out loud. Employers are always looking for pro-active candidates, so be sure to do your homework!

Flesh out the skills and experience section.

Update the mentioned sections regularly and keep them relevant to the job you’re targeting. Employers usually search for applicants by searching through keywords. Keeping your skills updated on LinkedIn pulls up your name among the suggested list.

Build bridges and start networking.

Whether it be offline or online, the connection is key, and the same applies to LinkedIn. Connect with alumni, former employees of a company you’re targeting, and people who can connect you to others related to your job. The more connections you have, the easier it becomes to find jobs.

Last, of all, don’t let your profile catch dust. Keep it fresh. Keep it brand new. Keep it short, relevant, and captivating. Enjoy the job hunting and find the perfect job for yourself.

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