Branding Mistakes To Avoid For Every Employer

For anyone looking to hire the top-talent in a market oversaturated with headhunters, it is important to showcase your organization in the right way. While this sounds simple enough, there are a few common mistakes that almost every company is making.

We have created this quick tip-sheet to help you avoid these branding mistakes.

Always Strategize

You may think that the branding plan will develop as part of the hiring process, but what you should rather do is have a strategy ready before the hiring even begins. This way you will know exactly what you need and no branding element will be left out because of the various factors that can go wrong at the last minute.

Choose The Right Social Media

If you are trying to hire a tech team and using a platform such as Facebook to brand the hiring call, most of the potential candidates will not take you seriously. On the other hand if you want to hire a quirky, young copywriter and you use only LinkedIn, the result will be the same.

What you need to do is understand which social media platform is the right choice for your particular hiring needs, and market yourself appropriately.

Deleting Bad Reviews

If you are a company who doesn’t have a single bad review on your page, it’s obvious that you are deleting them. There are no organizations without at least a few unhappy employees who left a bad review. Rather than deleting them, be ready to answer a question about the bad reviews you have received in case it is brought up by the interview candidate.

Branding as an employer is a long road, but make sure to avoid these three mistakes right at the start. Are there any more you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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