Social Media

5 Tips to make the most of social media time

If you happen to be reading this blog right now, you are bound to be registered on at least one social media platform. If you spend even 30 minutes scrolling down Facebook or navigating Twitter, these 5 tips can improve your overall social media experience.

Follow information, not people

Put an end to obligatory ‘follows’ on people just because they have some connection to you. Make sure to follow people, pages and accounts which are informative, important or add some kind of value to your life and well-being.

Algorithmic advantage

 The social media apps are made in such a way to show you posts and accounts relevant to what you generally look for. To make the best use of social media, follow a few accounts and pages of value, interest and use and you will automatically find your feed re-shaping to ‘feed’ your new interest

Conquering distance

With 1.5 billion registered users on Facebook alone, and several million users on other social media sites, the old fashioned way of communication is dead. Use the huge network to like-minded people all around the globe. A lot can be learned just through communication.

Social Media Marketing

To put it simply, social media is one of the most cost–effective and easy ways of marketing. No matter what you want to sell: thoughts ideas or wares, social media can help you find your own target audience and get the message through.

Global Trends

With fast paced technology and faster paced thoughts, life keeps changing and so does the trend. Regardless of whether you are an investment banker or culinary artist, knowing the current trends can help you remain active and popular among your peer groups. Follow trendsetting accounts and maybe set trends of your own!

All in all, while social media is considered to be a time black hole, it can be very beneficial if made proper use of. If you have had any positive experiences with it, be sure to leave a comment below.