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Office Commute Time – Effective Management

Regardless of how one commutes to their workplace, be it via a cab or a public transport such as the bus or the metro, chances are that they have the smartphone out as soon as the commute begins. If the office commute time is short, let’s say 10 minutes to so, then it makes sense to take a quick update about the news or social media. But if you have to take a long journey to office then there are ways to constructively use this time.

Here’s how –

Plan for the day

Instead of reaching your office and then planning your day’s work, try to do it while you are on the move. Not only does this help you save time but also allows you to enter your workplace completely prepared and confident. This is also a sign of utter professionalism that is sure to take you ahead in your career. And on the way back you can either prepare for the next day or reflect on the processes you carried out today.

Study the industry

Even if your office commute time is short, it is always better to spend it away from Facebook and Instagram. These are platforms that take you away from your professional mindset. Rather, you can visit journals related to the industry you belong to and stay updated about the latest happenings.

Search for jobs

Our busy schedules rarely allow us the time to search for further employment opportunities. Many employees who want to move forward in their career are unable to because they don’t have the time to look for new jobs. Your office commute time is the perfect time to get this work done. And chances are that with a fresh mind your search process will be more fruitful.

Get creative

If you are an artist, a writer, or a poet, etc.; practice your creative flair while you are travelling. Not only will this help you have a great start to your day, but you will also never feel that your profession is bogging down your creative skills. And creating a piece of art after a long day of work is one of the best relaxation methods.

Take a course

There are multiple online courses that an employee can take to better their professional skills. However, the lack of time prohibits them from doing so. If you are faced with the same problem you can use your commute time to study a course. Most online courses require one or two hours per day to complete. And, the to and fro journey is perhaps the best time to enhance one’s professional capabilities.

So the next time you board a bus or a cab, don’t immediately reach for the social media app or a mindless game. Rather, utilize your time wisely and ensure that you are becoming a better version of your professional self each day.

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