5 Things You Should Never Do At Work

Your success at work depends significantly on the manner in which your carry out yourself. The things you do at work can influence your boss or colleagues to admire or dislike you. Here are the five things you should never do at work;

1.    Lie To Impress Your Boss Or Colleagues

Sometimes, you may feel the need to lie to satisfy your boss or colleague, especially when you feel that they are likely to get angered by the truth. However, telling lies usually have opposite and undesirable impacts. Your boss or colleague is likely to learn the truth eventually, which may significantly harm your relationship at work.

2.    Gossip About Your Coworkers

You may feel tempted to talk about other people at work – engaging in discussions about their dress code, work performances and personal appearances. Some of your colleagues who you engage in your gossips may not be in support of your sentiment. They are likely to share whatever you say with the other colleagues, which may reach the people you gossip about. This can result in eternal conflicts at work.

3.    Making Dramatic Phone Calls

You should avoid making angry confrontations on call when at work as this can distract your colleagues. It is imperative that you compose yourself during calls when feeling angry or agitated. Staying calm may reduce the chances of attracting the attention of your colleagues when on the phone.

4.    React To Situations When You Are Angry

It is normal to get angry while at work. Your anger may be as a result of a trigger within or outside the workplace. However, reacting to situations when angry may cloud your reasoning, which may influence you to make awful decisions. You should always avoid making any bold move when angry as it may be anger-instigated and bearing serious consequences.

5.    Coming To Work Drunk

Alcohol addiction may prompt you to consume alcoholic drinks prior to reporting to work. However, alcohol metabolism usually takes a lot of time, especially when you consume larger amounts of alcohol. Your colleagues are likely to get distracted by your behavior at work, which can compromise productivity. Also, you are likely to cause harm to yourself or your colleagues when drunk.

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