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4 Ways To Earn More Respect From Your Boss

Respect in the workplace has many transformative benefits—it can promote job satisfaction, increase employee engagement, create a fair environment, and improve knowledge sharing. Your boss likely respects you if they can entrust you with special responsibilities such as leading projects with many team members. The following are four ways to earn the respect of your boss;

1.    Voice Your Thoughts

Bosses respect individuals who speak up during meetings. Openly expressing your views shows your concentration on whatever is being discussed in meetings. This habit may render you outstanding to your boss hence earning you not only respect but also recognition at work. Regardless, this does not mean that you need to fill every silence of the boardroom with your voice. Allow your colleagues to express themselves to get their opinions as well.

2.    Own Up To Your Mistakes

Human is to mistakes, therefore, making mistakes does not make you any lesser of a person. Manning up to your mistakes will show your boss that you are up to the task and are willing to take responsibility for your actions. This shows confidence, integrity, and honesty.

3.    Do Not Waste Company Resources

Waste, despite how small, can greatly damage your reputation at work. Careless use of the company’s resources can result in a huge loss, which can lower productivity. Continuously wasting company resources will make it difficult for you to earn the respect of your boss since it renders you irresponsible.

For instance, the Internet is available at work to facilitate your work. However, inappropriate use of the Internet at work, such as downloading movies and going through your social media can jeopardize your relationship with your boss.

4.    Identify Solutions Instead Of Problems

It is normal for a business to experience both profits and losses. Losses often cause problems for the company. To earn respect from your boss, consider spearheading the team that identifies solutions during such tragic times. This will show your genuine interest in the company’s growth and development and, in return, put you at the upper hand for promotion.

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