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4 Ways To Deal With Difficult Coworkers

Difficult people are those who have emotional characteristics or personality traits that make it difficult to communicate or interact with them. Coping with such people is usually a daunting task. Difficult coworkers can aggravate issues or slow down tasks at work, thus affecting work productivity.

Here are four ways to handle difficult coworkers;

1.    Assess The Situation

When irritated by a difficult coworker, try and assess the situation. Typically there must be a valid reason for your inability to work with such an individual. Analyzing the conflict at hand may enhance some level of understanding of the situation.

Make an effort to comprehend why your coworker tends to behave in the particular that they do. There may be reasons why an irritating coworker is like that. If you find the reasons relevant, you may find ways to accommodate their character.

2.    Learn To Voice Your Thoughts

Confronting your difficult coworker may make him/her realize their mistake. When expressing your views use the “I” language to make them understand your perspective. Using “you” language may make it difficult for them to take responsibility for their actions.

3.    Prioritize On The Positive Energy Around Your Work Place

Rather than dwelling on the coworker, you find difficult, focus on the ones you find uplifting. Casual conversations with workers you find vibrant will make your career path more interesting. Consider having outdoor activities with your preferred coworkers. Surprisingly, you may realize that simple greetings like a goodbye at the end of your working hours may create a positive rapport for you at work.

4.    Talk To Your Supervisor

In a case where the difficult coworker is going against company policies, expressing your views to the human resource manager or supervisor may be dimmed necessary. Find evidence either through documentation or in audio form to affirm your claims. The supervisor or human resource manager will find ways to resolve the pending issue.


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