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4 SEO Tips For Recruiters

If you are posting hiring calls on social media platforms your primary goal is to ensure that they reach the target audience. Beyond choosing the right channels, the best way to get this done is through SEO.

So, here are 4 tips that you should always follow to have healthy SEO in your job postings.


While words like ‘black belt in marketing’ and ‘social media guru’ may seem cool, they are actually not good for your SEO. Moreover, these are outdated and make the candidate think twice before applying. Research the keywords that are most searched by job seekers and create your hiring copy accordingly.


The URL of the hiring page on your organization’s website needs to be short and simple. It should even be memorable so that a candidate who viewed it once can instantly call it back when they are ready to apply. Having a long-tailed URL will always make your page less visible in search results.

Meta Descriptions

This is something that so many organizations miss out on, and in turn lose out on relevant audiences. Both the meta description and meta title of your page should always be updated. Go beyond having a single meta description for the entire website and have it for every individual page.


If you are primarily using social media then you should always link back to your website within the copy. Don’t expect all candidates to read through to the end and then use the tap link button. Have your website linked right at the top so they can visit your page, and this in turn will push the post in search results as well.

There are many such SEO tips that you should follow to make your hiring call more visible. Do you have any others in mind? Let us know in the comments.

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