3 Tips For Taking Initiative At Work

Broadening your skill set and increasing your value can give you an edge over other employees. However, achieving this requires you to go the extra mile to make things happen at work.

Taking initiative means that you are willing to do things that need to be done according to your own volition, without influence or pressure from others. Showing initiative can make your boss have more confidence in your ability to deliver satisfactory work.

Here are three tips for taking initiative at work;

1.    Ask For Feedback

Feedback is the vital information about prior action from your colleague or boss aimed at helping you improve on your current and future endeavors. Receiving feedback can help you make important decisions at work that can boost your work performance.

Your coworkers or manager may notice some key areas that need improvement, which you may have overlooked during self-assessments. Asking for feedback and subsequently acting on it assures your manager that you are committed to improvement.

2.    Develop Team Mindset

Adopting a team-based mentality is vital to success as it enhances cooperation and motivates coworkers. This mentality also shows that you have your coworkers’ interests at heart, which is likely to improve your relationships at work.

Furthermore, considering yourself a team member instead of an individual can make your colleagues believe that your objectives transcend personal achievement. This can encourage your coworkers to reciprocate your goodwill by giving you support whenever you need it.

3.    Work On Your Confidence

Self-confidence entails believing in yourself and feeling comfortable in everything you do. Being proactive and inspiring your colleagues requires confidence. Your coworkers are likely to trust you when you believe in yourself and show abilities to tackle life challenges diligently.

Having confidence can positively affect your social relations at work, boost your career, and improve your achievement.

You can begin by setting small goals and working towards achieving them.

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