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3 Employer Brand Metrics That Will Matter In 2024

Your organization’s public appearance matters more than you realize in terms of successful recruitments. Companies that keep a well-balanced appearance on their social platforms are known to have a better rate of hire.

Studies show that in 2024 the job market is going to get even more populated with employers, hence you need to stand out in order to attract top talent. Here are 3 key metrics that you should focus on in order to do so.

Employee Engagement Rate

If you can publicly post numbers from your employee engagement surveys then your organization’s brand will get a huge boost. Employee relationships and learning are some of the major factors to consider in this aspect, along with performance of leadership.

Interview Experience

Almost every candidate applying for a job researches their employers on websites such as glass door. You need to ensure that all the candidates you interview and do not take forward don’t leave with a bitter taste in their mouth. This will lead to bad reviews and can deter top candidates from applying at your openings.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction

If you are working with a hiring manager, their satisfaction levels will directly impact the performance of your overall hiring process. Constantly be in touch with them, understand their needs and fulfill their requirements. Also ensure that your hiring manager is culturally fit for your organization.

These are some of the top metrics that will help your organization stand out in the race. Employees in today’s world are becoming more and more aware of how their employer’s perform, and they will research at least one of the three aspects of your company.

Which company metric do you think is going to become a make or break factor in terms of hiring? Let us know in the comments.


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