Flintex Consulting – Specialist Recruitment Agency in Singapore

We are a Specialist Recruitment Agency that assists IT Professionals to develop their careers in Singapore.Well established in Singapore Technology market, Flintex Consulting is dynamic and innovative. The services that we provide are constantly evolving to meet both clients and candidates needs. Whether a client or candidate, Flintex consulting which is a proven entity as a  Singapore IT Recruitment Agency offers on time, professional and affordable services that will help you to manage your time efficiently and  let us do the rest. 

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Our Objectives

  • To assist our clients build world class technical and operational capability in information technology in Singapore.
  • To assist job seekers to secure in positions aligned to their career goals.
  • To increase clients satisfaction and also job seekers experience ratings.
  • To help our clients strategize and lead them towards diversity hiring.

Our Team

  • Matured , dynamic and a  agile team to handle any large assignment

  • Our experienced consultants are talent acquisition specialists who constantly network with IT professionals and match them with IT jobs to meet our client’s needs.

  • Our consultants take the time to understand the value that candidates bring to our clients.

Why Flintex Consulting is Different from Other Recruiters?

  • We focus 100% on IT roles across Singapore

  • Our experienced consultants are Talent Acquisition specialists with 10+ years industry specific experience.

  • We value the candidates that we represent and invest our time to fully understand the client and candidate needs.

  • Our reputation for quality placements has been earned through presenting clients with IT professionals who understand their business needs and deliver results.

  • Our focus on specialist roles has been instrumental in building our reputation for locating hard to find skilled people for clients.

  • Retain our expertise today. Get connected with Flintex Consulting at +65-6523 2746

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity & Ethics in all aspects of Business with continuous improvement in providing Solutions and Opportunities, Not Problems and Obstacles. The willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty by providing world class service under any circumstance. Change is an essential component of our success.